Wednesday, April 2, 2008


As many of you know I originally released the information of the exciting reunion news a while ago, and have since been waiting patiently for some new news. I received an exclusive email from the (go and sign up to receive your own exclusive emails) yesterday that said that the New Kids on the Block will be appearing on the Today show, Friday, April 4, at 7am. I am sure that they still have my fan letter from years ago stating that April is my birthday month, and have been holding off on their first TV appearance as a birthday gift for me. I will be wide awake and enjoying the segment Friday morning. I still have high hopes of good news, like a nationwide tour. (My birthday is on the 14th of this month, so if anyone would like to purchase me concert tickets to go and see my boys, none will be refused.) Here is an updated photo of the guys. Enjoy, but don't drool over my Jordan Knight for too long, ladies, he's mine!


MIKE said...

Wasn't it just yesterday you were reminiscing about your 8 beautiful years with your wonderful husband....what's his name......

and now "my boys" and "don't drool over my Jordan Knight for too long, ladies, he's mine!"

i for one am confused, and could only imagine what your husband is thinking!

I still think the photo looks like a gay police line up. "um....I think the guy who stole my cardigan sweater is #4....wait, is that Donny Osmond? either way, he stole my sweater! lock him up officer!"

Crystal said...

i'm sorry that my post about the new kids made you sad. some poor loser with a cardigan sweater (who owns cardigan sweaters? let alone leaves them places where people could steal them?) posted a comment on my blog saying that my husband would be sad and disappointed because i used the words my boys and don't drool over jordan knight, he's mine. i can only hope that you understand better than that guy, that this was a childhood fantasy of mine to meet the new kids on the block, attend a concert, and of course in my head jordan and i were boyfriend and girlfriend. i'm glad that you understand that i am married to you now and love you, and would never break up my marriage or family for a childhood dream, and of course jordan now has a family too, and i wouldn't do that to his kids either...but i can still pretend like i'm a screaming 10 year old girl who's excited about her favorite band.