Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shiny Teeth and Shiny Trees

Today was a busy day for us. Last night, on the 17th anniversary of the big Ice Storm of '91, we had a mini ice storm here in Rochester. There was just enough ice to be a pain in the butt, but not enough to close anything down. Mike had a hard time getting into his car this morning because it won't stay running long enough to melt anything without stalling, so he took the van. The 3 older kids had a dentist apt this morning, so Mike came home a little early with the van and we were off. All of the trees look so pretty coated in ice. I am still looking forward to spring though. For some reason this winter seems really long to me. So we got the dentist and the kids each had a turn. They did a great job. My kids are always really good at the Dr or dentist, so I wasn't worried. Brooke and McKee came up clean, but Seth has one little cavity, and we'll go back in a couple weeks to have it filled. Tyler got to sit in the dentist chair and ride it up and down a couple times. They are so cute there, they have sunglasses for the kids to wear so the light doesn't hurt their eyes. Tyler will get checked out in 6 months when the kids go back next time for their check-ups. McKee pulled his hat down over his eyes and said he didn't need the sun glasses because he was covered. He's a crazy boy.

Brooke had her first haircut, ever, tonight. She was so bald for so long as a baby I didn't have the heart to cut her hair until now. The ends just needed a little trim, nothing much, but I'm getting sentimental in my old age, and am still a little teary about the whole thing. We gave the kids a bath and I told her that we would do the trim after bath time. So she came downstairs all excited for her haircut and her first question was "It's going to hurt?" I said no, she won't feel anything. So we put her in the chair, Mike was a good sport to take some pics for me, and I trimmed the bottom. As I was cutting the last little piece off Brooke said "are you going to cut it now?" She had no idea that I was just finishing. She's so sweet, and now her hair will be a little bit healthier.
The last cut.


Erin said...

why is your broke the cutest thing?!?!?! she's a sweetheart!

Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

So I have to be honest with you, it kinda weirds me out every time I see a picture of McKee. He looks the same as when I left Rochester only in a man's body. He still has that adorable face though. Your kids are so squeezable; I just want to squish them. Love getting the updates.

Family:whatitmeans said...

Brooke is so sweet, and funny that she didn't know you were almost done. BTW, I was looking at your date movies and "Chuck and Larry" is pretty funny. We ordered "Mr. Woodcock" on PPV, but I didn't get to watch all of it, was it funny?