Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Brooke was invited to a birthday party for a girl in her preschool last night at Chuck E Cheese. I was able to get some good coupons so we could take the boys also and have a fun family "out" evening. The kids had a great time. I forget how much fun you can have in that place! I want to go back with just Mike for a date. My favorite games are the ski ball and the basketball shooter. Mike and I have decided that we are going to use the tokens as rewards for our kids for good behavior and completing their chores, so we brought home some extras. Now that the kids have been and will remember how much fun they had, they will understand what they are earning. This morning I asked each of them what they're favorite part was and here is what they said...

McKee-getting my lizard (one of the prizes from the tickets you get from playing games)

Seth-playing games and winning prizes


Tyler-he really loved going down the slide in the little kid part

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