Saturday, April 28, 2007


These are my aunts on my mom's side. This picture is from 1 year ago at the memorial service for my Aunt Kathy. Today, April 28th is the 1 year anniversary of her death. She was 48 yrs old, and died needing a liver transplant. I loved my aunt, she was the most outspoken of our aunts, and let everyone know what she was thinking. Mike and I were able to visit her on the Sunday before she died. She was actually doing really well that day. She told Mike that he better take good care of her niece, or she was going to haunt him! Mike and I laughed it off, although he seemed a little scared. :) That Friday night she passed away from an infection. She is and will continue to be missed greatly.

This is Aunt Kathy with her kids James and Alicia. This picture is probably 12-15 yrs old!

Today we're off to spend the day at my mom's house with a lot of family to remember Aunt Kathy and be a good support for each other. I'm hoping we'll have a good time seeing everyone and eating some yummy food.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Brooke is 3 years old! Wow, I'm convinced that the more children you have the faster the time flies by.

I still remember being in the hospital with her.

Here she is at 4 months old, she's always been a little princess. Look how cute she was!
She's so big now. She had a great day yesterday! My favorite line of the day was from the many times that Brooke asked me "I'm still 3?" It was so cute! Now if we can only convince her to say "I don't need to use diapers anymore..."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here's a pic of Tyler with the Dinosaur outfit on! I think he's so cute.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twins, almost 5 years apart :)

Here is a picture of Seth when he was 6 months old. He's wearing an outfit that Tyler is able to wear now at 3 months old! Seth was so tiny. I think he and Tyler look so much alike.

Party in my crib...

He Did It! (or should I say, "I Did It!")

I finally moved Tyler to his crib last night. He's been sleeping in a bassinet by my bed. Even though he's been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old, I've been hanging on to him in my room until now! He did great! I think he actually slept better in his crib because he was outgrowing the bassinet. I'm sure the mattress is a little more comfy than the bassinett too. My favorite part of babies sleeping is when they wake up and they are so smiley and cute! I snuck in to get some pictures of him sleeping this morning and then I came back when he woke up and got him waking up.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hanging Out

Here is a cute pic of Tyler tying his first fly. Mike has been promising him he could tie one since the first day he was born. A friend of ours game us this cute leopard outfit for Brooke. I love it, but Mike thinks it's overkill. Brooke loves it too. And then there's Mike and Tyler just chillin' on the couch. They're so cute!
Today is my Birthday! So far we're having a pretty good day. I went to the Relief Society Birthday Brunch this morning, that was fun. They have the best food at these brunches, sausage quiche, and fruit, and crepes filled with some yummy stuff with raspberries on top. I had fun. It's always fun to see who else has a birthday close to your own. I can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds for me now that I'm 28 years old! Wow, I'm 28, that's wierd for me. I'm sure I'll get used to it!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tyler's Blessing Day

Here are our 4 beautiful kids. They are sitting in the lobby of the church on March 25, 2007, Tyler's Blessing Day! I'm a dork and dressed them all in blue to match his little suit! It was a great day! Some of my family even came, my sister Brandy and her boyfriend Joseph, and my brother Dave. We were so excited that they were there. Of course Grandma and Grandpa Simmons were there also. It's so nice to have them close by.

Here We GO!

Ok, Mike, you were right. I am setting up a blog! Wish me luck! :)