Monday, April 21, 2008

April 20th 2008

Happy Sunday!

Today we went to church, then Crystal went to a baby shower. She had a great time and won a do-rag. Well, it's not technically a do-rag, but a lightweight towel thingy that you wrap your wet hair up with. Being the man that I am, I had to wonder why a towel wasn't good enough, and why someone would have to invent a towel like this. Well, for all you guy(s) (are there any guys that read this blog?) out there wondering, apparently a normal towel is really heavy and hard to have on your head. I guess it's something about being off balance while trying to scrub the floor.

I'd like to take a moment out to thank a few people. First, I'd like to thank myself and Crystal. Crystal because she started this blog, and myself because I put the words Guys, Flies & Pies on it when I mentioned my new website called You might recall that I did that so mighty Google would see it posted here, and then decide my site was worth putting in the results page for a search for Guys, Flies & Pies. Well, blogophiles, it worked. Have a look at the search results! It's the 5th result down, but I swear the other day it was at the very top!

What's in store today folks? I'm glad you asked. We have a 73 degree Fahrenheit prediction and I think it's going to happen. Of course, my Wrangler jeans covered legs hope I'm wrong, otherwise they will be off to sweat land when I leave work at 3pm. Then, it's home so Brooke Star can go to dance class.

I guess that's pretty much my day! So, here's what I'll do. How about a contest? Everyone loves contests. The person who gives me the best home cooked dinner idea for tonight can join me and the family for dinner, and get the rarely used spot next to ME at the table. Please submit your entries by 3pm EST or else I get your dessert!

G'day mate!

DOH - almost forgot a picture for your viewing pleasure....let's see what I got today.....

"How much for that Brooke in the window?"

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