Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 15th 2008

(It's 5:25am on April 16th, Crystal should be sleeping. If she wakes up and asks anyone, tell her I posted this yesterday just so she doesn't realize she missed a day in her month of blogging. Sorry about the italics, but crystal can't read italics, so this note is safe right up front.)

Yeah, that's right all you punks in Punkville, it's MIKE and I'm back with another life affirming blogalicious post! Sorry to keep you all waiting in anticipation of what joyous truth nuggets I might share with you. Let's see how I do. So, grab your pen and paper, you're going to want to take notes!

Today (remember, if Crystal asks, I wrote this on April 15th) was quite a day. I got up early, went to work for 12 hours and the kids and Crystal stayed home, watched soap operas and ate Bon Bons (are those available still, or did the price of oil in China kill them?)

The kids got to play outside, inside, right side up, left side down, and even got to go to the park, hows that for ya!

Wow, no real bits of wisdom yet, it must be early (no....i mean late......***yawn***....I should get going to bed soon)

Don't spit into the wind!

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's that you can learn things in life. So, stop reading my post and go learn something.....from Regis!

OK, now for a shameless plug. As all of you know, or should if you are cool, I am putting together the biggest fly tying event I've ever heard of for the Rochester area. For a year now I've had a group of guys join me to tie every month. Well, this November I'm going to put together a huge event. Huge, in comparison to the 5 or 6 (or 11 like last November) guys that we get monthly. I'm going to be renting a place and trying to get interest from guys I've never met. I hope to have at least 40 guys come through the door. Well, in awesome, smile till you cry, news, I have 2 guys providing 2 fly rods for a raffle! yeah, go ahead, take off your glasses all you Barbara Walters 20/20 vision wannabes, and clean them off. Read it again.....I have 2 guys providing 2 fly rods for a raffle! Yep, not 1, but 2 fly rods, at almost no cost to me! That is freaking awesome! So, any of you that want to join us, please do. And, now, so Google hopefully will find me and put me at the top of their search engine results for Guys, Flies & Pies, here's a cool, free today only, link to my site Oh, and although I don't have a 1993 construction stick figure man digging away, the site is still "Under Construction" so be patient while I finish it and finally get it "Over Construction."

Yeah, so let's recap so you can check your notes.
  • MIKE woke up early
  • Kids and Crystal chilled
  • Kids played at park
  • GFP is going to be huge
Got it? There will be a test, more like a pop quiz, so study up on your favorite Coke and Pepsi products and be ready, you never know when I'll strike again!

Oh, and Crystal always puts in pictures, so here's one for your viewing pleasure!

(All portions of this message are copyrighted. Use for personal or business gain is punishable by law, so you better be careful)


Crystal said...

i woke up this morning and realized I FORGOT TO BLOG YESTERDAY! I'm trying to blog for everyday this month. But imagine my surprise when I found Mike's post! He's so sweet to think of me and know what I've been trying to do! Thanks Mike! You're awesome!

MIKE said...

SHHHHH!!!!! don't tell anyone. next thing you know i'll get inundated with requests to be nice and blog for others.


$2 per line, $20 minimum! any takers?

Sher said...

Well, there you are silly fisher, morrisey lover! lol, it's your cuz Sheralyn! i found you on shantil's blog! that is a huge son of a fish!!!!! lol. send me a note. you have an adorable family!!!