Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 days until my b-day...and I'm falling apart!

So yesterday morning out of nowhere my neck started hurting, i couldn't really turn my head, and my arm was pretty much useless, it kept going numb and hurt every time I moved it. So I figured a numb left arm, I should probably call the Dr and see what they say. They were too busy to see me yesterday, so I had to call the after hours urgent care and make an appointment. Mike and I ventured down to Irondequiot after spending an hour trying to find someone to watch the kids, and waited in the urgent care for my turn. We got in there and the Dr did a little poking around, and then came to the conclusion that I have a left trapezius strain. I have to take it easy for a couple days, not lift anything too heavy, stretch my neck, take Advil 4 times a day, and go to see a chiropractor. So today, I was off to the chiropractor. I saw Dr. Brian Justice, he was great! He knew exactly what he was talking about and the treatment was wonderful. I came home feeling like new. He cracked every vertebrae in my back, and shocked the tense muscle and was able to start working on my hip problem too! (I sound like an old lady don't I? the hip stuff is from being pregnant so many times) I was in there for almost 2 hours total, and walked out feeling great! I have to go back next week to follow up, and then he'll re-evaluate me and see what else I need. I have new stretches to do everyday, and some little activities to keep on top of just to get a good stretch and keep my neck in line. I guess the bones in my neck are supposed to move independently of each other, and they are not, they are moving all in one piece. So, those are my woes...just days away from 29 and my body is screaming "YOU'RE GETTING CRUSTY!"


The Loveridge Family said...

You are getting old!!! Only one more year till you're (we're) 30!!!! Can you believe that???

Pam said...

happy birthday crystal. sounds like the chiropractor did wonders.