Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Sunday

Today is general conference, and I love these days. It's always a great experience to listen to the prophet, and hear the general authorities of the church deliver their messages to us. I enjoy the relaxing day, instead of the usual sabbath day events of trying to get 4 kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door to make it to sacrament meeting on time. With the first session today starting at 12pm our time, we were able to have a leisurely breakfast (here is Mike cooking us some bacon) and take the kids on a little nature hike before coming home to watch the broadcast. We took the kids to Badgerow park, off of Latta Rd. We've really enjoyed hiking there in the past, it's a beautiful path through trees and over a creek. Today we were so excited to see a couple of steel head fish that were in the creek to spawn. At one point of the hike the kids had to jump over this tiny creek that ran through the path and the quote of the day is Seth as he's jumping over on the way back he exclaimed "I'm going to take a flying leap." That boy cracks me up sometimes! After we were done hiking we stopped at the playground on the way back to the van and the kids were able to play on the slides and swings for a bit before we headed home. It's finally beautiful spring weather here, and it was a really nice family outing. I've decided that from now on I want to ask the kids when we do something like this what their favorite part is. It's nice for them to look back at our memories and know what they thought, instead of just my thoughts, and most of the time the kids are really funny. McKee: seeing the fish, Seth: seeing the fish, Brooke: seeing the fish, Tyler: (of course he can't talk) he kept pointing at the trees that were only as tall as him and smiling, I think he liked them at his height. Oh yeah, as I type longer I remember things I wanted to write, sorry it's not necessarily in order! The kids had a great time looking for animal tracks and trying to figure out what they were. They also found some walking sticks and were using those to help catapult themselves over the little creek, it was pretty funny. This was Tyler's first hike on 2 feet, last year I carried him in the baby Bjorn. He wanted to keep up with the big kids so badly, but he isn't used to walking on rough terrain yet. That boy loves to be outside though. He found a stick that was just the right size and tried carrying it like the big kids, it was funny. When he lost interest in the stick he dropped it and squatted right down to look at a track in the mud like the other kids had been doing. It was only my foot print, but he sat there and looked at it for about 2 minutes before we could move on! When we got home, he was pretty pooped out, so we gave him a bottle and when he was done he laid down for his nap, and has been sleeping for the last 2 1/2 hrs. The other kids did a great job of sitting in their bean bag chairs and working on their conference packets that I made for them and listened to the speakers. They were actually paying attention too because I could hear their little comments about what was being said. We are looking forward to the next session that starts at 4pm. It has been our tradition for the last couple years that Bama and Bampa come over for the afternoon session and stay for dinner. We are having a lovely roast in the crock pot with roasted potatoes, and a jello salad and caramel turtle brownies. Yum, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


j peters said...

family hikes are so much fun. hope you enjoyed the rest of your sunday!

Ken said...

Hey, that looks like fun!