Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Today my little princess is 4 years old! She's so smart and beautiful. She makes us laugh, and sometimes almost cry! Brooke is taking dance lessons and loving it. She loves to play outside and with Barbies, and her babies. She is a great big sister, and a typical little sister. We all love her and are so glad that she's part of our family. We love you Brooke, Happy Birthday!

Mike and I decorated for her last night so when she woke up it would be beautiful down here for her. She was very excited to see the streamers and balloons. I also wrapped up an outfit for her to open to wear on her birthday. I took a picture of her sleeping last night, her last night as a 3 year old girl! Here are a few pictures of her seeing her decorations and opening her gift. And every princess needs a blinking crown to wear on her big day!


MIKE said...

Happy Birthday Brooke Star!!!

The Loveridge Family said...

Holy Cow...she is sooo stinkin cute!!! I love that new birthday outfit she has on...every little girl (and some boys) love disney princesses. Happy birthday Brooke!!!