Saturday, April 5, 2008

15 Months Old!!!!

My little baby boy is getting so big! He's 15 months old today. He's saying a couple words; hot, mama, nana (banana), dada, and is signing more, please, eat, fish and milk. He is running now, can walk in circles and backwards. He gets the same cheesy grin on his face every time we say picture or pull out the camera. He LOVES being outside, and cries when it's time to come in. He's so smart, it amazes me what he understands. His favorite thing to do is throw away his diapers, or anything else he can sneak into the garbage can. He usually comes walking out of the kitchen clapping after he's thrown something in there. We have to check it often. I can tell him to go get his coat or find his shoes and he does and brings them to me. I love this baby boy!

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