Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's Spring!

I know Lynette was saying that she's excited about summer...I am too, but first I'm excited about spring! We had some compost dropped off this morning from the town of Greece (it's free! yeah for free!)

The kids watched the truck dropping off the dirt! They were so excited! (yes, i know that brooke is in her underwear. we're working on potty training today!)

and I will be rototilling it into our garden (i know it doesn't look like much...stay tuned for a more garden looking patch of land :) )

so we can have healthy soil to grow our plants!

I love having a garden and watching things grow! I also love canning, and I am looking forward to the ridiculous amout of tomatoes I think I will be harvesting this fall! Everyone is invited over to dinner to try some of my spaghetti sauce!

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