Saturday, April 28, 2007


These are my aunts on my mom's side. This picture is from 1 year ago at the memorial service for my Aunt Kathy. Today, April 28th is the 1 year anniversary of her death. She was 48 yrs old, and died needing a liver transplant. I loved my aunt, she was the most outspoken of our aunts, and let everyone know what she was thinking. Mike and I were able to visit her on the Sunday before she died. She was actually doing really well that day. She told Mike that he better take good care of her niece, or she was going to haunt him! Mike and I laughed it off, although he seemed a little scared. :) That Friday night she passed away from an infection. She is and will continue to be missed greatly.

This is Aunt Kathy with her kids James and Alicia. This picture is probably 12-15 yrs old!

Today we're off to spend the day at my mom's house with a lot of family to remember Aunt Kathy and be a good support for each other. I'm hoping we'll have a good time seeing everyone and eating some yummy food.

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