Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, as you can see the formatting for the last post is a little off. I was trying to spread the pics out and put some captions, but obviously that didn't go to well. Today is just a normal day. It's Tuesday, the one day of the week that we don't have to run any where during the day. The kids and I are trying to pick up the house so we can get to the park this afternoon. It's supposed to be a high of 72 I think. Later this week we are going to be planting our garden. I'm excited. Mike roto-tilled it the other day and It's looking good. Our plants that we started at the beginning of April are getting big and strong too! I can't wait to get them into the ground. Well, back to work.

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The Loveridge Family said...

I like your new blog look...you're getting into this blogging thing, it's so fun! I can't wait to see you guys, we'll be there saturday!