Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy Week

Well, we had quite the week this week. We're in the swing of things here with soccer starting up for both boys and the end of the school year. On Thursday we went to the Seneca Park Zoo with Seth for a field trip. We had a great time! Seth's favorite animal was the tiger and his next favorite was the it should have been since he belongs to their family! :)

the polar bears came out to play

here's seth's true mom...

Later that day we took Seth to pick up his soccer uniform and meet his coach. He's on the orange team. He's so excited to play soccer. His first game will be on Thursday next week. After years of watching McKee play, he should be a pro by now.

and then...we went right from meeting Seth's coach to McKee's spring cello concert. Unfortunately, our camer didn't take very good pictures of him from our seats, but we got great video. McKee did wonderfully. I'm so impressed with the orchestra at his school. He played a song called Dragon Hunter, Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music, and Enter the Heroes. I'm so proud of him.

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