Thursday, December 22, 2011


So Santa strikes again!  I just happened to grab Tyler's bookbag out of the van when I got home from the store a little bit ago.  Normally his backpack gets cleaned out before the next day of school because I look at what's inside when I pick him up.  Monday I didn't look in his bag.  I had put his papers in when I arrived at school to drop him off.  I noticed as I was grabbing his bag a red envelope sticking out.  I figured it was a card from one of his friends in class.  I was wrong.  As I closed up the van and walked toward the house I grabbed it out so I could give it to Tyler, but the front said Simmons Family.  I opened the envelope and was completely surprised.  The card is a picture of Snoopy giving a huge hug. 

First of all, I LOVE Snoopy, and he was giving a huge hug on the card, which I really needed today.  It was signed from Santa with a note that read this:

"Dear Simmons Family,
You are so loved and we wanted you to know how much.  Here is a little something for mom and dad to 'take some time.'  Tyler's tuition has also been paid through the end of January 2012.
All my love,

Enclosed were some gift cards to Applebee's for Mike and I to go out to dinner on a date.  I am not really sure why Santa thinks that we deserve to be blessed in such a huge way this year, but I am so grateful.  Normally for Christmas I focus on the kids and Mike.  I don't really care if I get a present or not, as long as the kids are happy and have the best Christmas memories ever.  I am usually blessed by my family and I do receive gifts from my siblings, mom and in-laws, but I don't worry about Mike getting anything for me.  This year, the blessings we have received are the best gifts I could ever had.  Thank you so much.  You'll never really know how much all of this means to me and my family. 

PS  I called Mike at work to tell him and he said "you have to stop calling me at work and making me cry" I think that's a thank you from him too! 

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