Monday, December 19, 2011

I Still Believe in Santa

Today was an incredibly joyous day.  It started off this morning at Walmart when I was purchasing some socks for the kids for Christmas gifts.  I realize that this is not the most exciting gift for kids, but this is a slim year with Mike out of work and the kids really need some socks.  I was putting them up on the belt and one of Santa's elves grabbed them from me and paid for them.  When I said "are you sure?" The elf said yes and Merry Christmas.  I started to cry right there in the store.  It seems like such a small thing, but when you are struggling and have 5 kids to buy socks for, it really adds up.  What a huge blessing.  That made my day.  BUT it only got better from there. 

When I arrived at preschool to pick up Tyler at 11:30 I noticed a woman standing at the end of the walk that led to the entryway.  She was standing next to a large wrapped gift and I thought "that's such pretty wrapping paper" and kept walking in assuming the gift was for the teachers as it was the last day before Christmas vacation.  When I got inside my friend Rachel said "someone is looking for you."  She was looking right at me but I had no reason to think anyone would be looking for me.  My sister was sitting in the van with Gavin, but I had spent all morning with her already, so I didn't think she needed me.  There was no one else I could think of.  I said "me?"  Rachel responded with "yes, she is looking for Crystal." I asked who and Rachel said "that festive looking lady outside."  As I turned around I could see the huge smile on the woman's face who I had just passed. She had on a Santa hat, was dressed in a festive shirt, and had on a red jacket. I walked back outside before picking up Tyler just in case she needed my help with something and as I got closer to her she said "Crystal?"  I said yes I'm Crystal.  She proceeded to say "This is for you from Santa, Merry Christmas."  I just looked at her with shock on my face.  I didn't really say too much.  She handed me the huge present with the sparkly wrapping paper that I had noticed was pretty minutes earlier.  I could only say "thank you" and take it from her.  I said Merry Christmas as she showed me the card was signed by Santa.  I put the gift in my van and started to cry, again, as I explained to my sister what had just happened.  I turned around to go back into the school to get Tyler and as I did she was just leaving.  She was driving the cutest little red car, it was obviously an elf car.  She was the best elf I had ever seen.

I went inside to pick up Tyler, completely in shock about what had just happened and I could barely tell my friends.  I felt such love in that moment, you would not believe.  Santa really does exist!  He has elves that come to us when we need them the most.  I was in aw.  I ended up crying the whole way home, happy tears.  Tyler asked me why I was crying and i told him I was crying because I was happy.  It was so fun telling Tyler that one of Santa's elves came to visit ME.  He thought about it for a second and said "did you tell her I said hi?" LOL  It was so cute.

Later in the afternoon I received a text from Mike telling me that our furnace application had been approved and we would be getting a new furnace installed, for free.  So tomorrow night we will have a new high efficiency furnace and will have heat in our home once again. 

As I was typing this I actually had to pause so I could go to the front door as we had carolers that were singing to us and brought us some treats.  I have been very blessed today by other's kindness and love to me and my family.  Thank you!

PS.  I waited to open the gift until tonight since Santa made a special effort to get it to me before Christmas I figured I should open it sooner than later.  I also wanted to share this wonderful story with the kids.  It is a 3 crock slow cooker.  This crock pot is something that I have really wanted, especially with Christmas coming.  I love having the people I love over to the house and feeding them and I thought this would be great for that!  Santa was listening and brought me a gift, I still can't believe it!!!!


Roxie said...

Love this story, Crystal! I'm so happy for you! That is really awesome. Hooray for Christmas Magic!

*Elizabeth* said...


Crystal and I just think of how you are a great "elf" to so many too. You have brought great joy to my life and I got an AMAZING gift from said elf recently...(thanks again for the blanket). Not to mention when I was a missionary and all you did for us. I love the story you shared - it makes me happy about the goodness in humanity.