Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent-Days 1-3 (Cause I forgot to post about it sooner)

A couple years ago in the 2003 Friend magazine from Church there was a super cute advent calendar that walks through the life of Jesus Christ and helps us to understand "What is Christmas?". If you click on the link there is a printable version of the calendar and the story/directions. Here are the stars.

For a couple years I had been planning to laminate it and cut out the stars and have it nice and pretty before we used it...Notice how I said "a couple years ago?" :) I always mean well, and then before you know it, it's years later. This year I made it a priority and I actually got it done and we have been doing it as a family for the last 3 days. WAIT, the last 2 days, we forgot on December 1st so we had to do 2 days the first night, but we remembered tonight! Like I said, I always mean well. My hope with doing this with the kids is that it will kick Mike and I in the butt and get us back on track with our personal scripture reading and the study of the Savior, and that the kids will be able to grow up really appreciating the whole purpose of Christmas and devote not only December 25th to thinking about it (after the gifts are opened) but at least the whole month. We shall see how it goes. Tyler helped me find the "perfect spot" on the wall to mount the calendar and I have the baggie of stars all cut out and laminated and just waiting to be read and enjoyed!!!!

December 2nd-Luke 1:26-33 Who told Mary that she would have a baby? The kids all knew that it was the Angel Gabriel! I was very impressed. I don't know if I remembered off the top of my head. Mike read the scripture to us and Tyler was the first one to pull the star and read the question out loud. We actually played 1-2-3 Reverent and when I get to the word reverent the kid who is the most reverent gets to go first.

December 2nd-(I know this date is listed twice, but remember, I forgot to do it the first day!) Matthew 1:18-21 Why did Mary and Joseph name the baby Jesus? It was funny because I asked Brooke this question after Seth was done reading the scripture and she was so busy being mad that she didn't get to pull the star that she didn't know the answer. Crazy girl. Seth gently reminded her and then she remembered. I had to promise her that if she was reverent she would get to go the next night.

December 3rd-Luke 2:3-4 Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem before Jesus was born? Brooke was reverent like I told her last night so she got to pick the star and announce the scripture. Mike read the scripture out loud and then the kids did a pretty good job answering. The cool part about tonight is that McKee had a bunch of friends over today and 2 of them were still here when we did this, so they got to be part of it and also part of our family prayers. I can only hope that they felt the Spirit as much as I did as we were talking about the First Christmas. I'm really looking forward to keeping up with this all month and seeing all of our progress.

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