Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm a couple days off

Tyler is 19 months old, as of the 5th. I like the idea of kind of keeping track of what the kids are up to at different ages. I wish I had done that with all of them. Tyler is so smart. He's great at putting things together in his mind and really understanding what's going on around him. I wish he could talk sometimes because I think he would be hilarious! He has developed a sense of humor in the last 2 months and it's so funny to me to see him crack up about things. It makes me realize that Heavenly Father really sent us here to have joy, because laughing is part of who we are, it's not necessarily a learned behavior. His favorite past times are climbing on the dining room table, he's been doing that since he was 13-14 months old. He loves dancing and I caught him humming yesterday, that was so cute. He likes to run around in just a diaper, especially outside. He loves to be outside, he cries if someone goes out and he can't go with them. He sleeps pretty well, he really always has, his bed time is 7:30 and he sleeps until 7am. His naps are not as good as they used to be, but that's normal. He's only napping for about 2 hours in the afternoon, and I'm not 100% sure that he's sleeping the whole time, that's just how long I leave him up there. He loves animals, and thinks that most of them bark, it's very funny. He just had his first haircut a couple weeks ago and he looks so old now! He loves me and has a hard time when I leave, it's starting to get a little bit better, but it depends on where we are and who he's left with. I love this boy.

Before Hair Cut 18mos

After Haircut almost 19mos

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The Despain Gang said...

Our little men are close to the same age. Boston turned 19 months on July 23. It's fun to hear you talk of the little things Tyler is doing. Some are so Boston and others are uniquely Tyler. Fun that we have boys the same age. Boston is a deep thinker and tries to figure out how everything works just like Tyler and Boston doesn't talk much--he's my quiet, shy baby. Great pictures and I love his haircut. Tyler's most enduring feature has to be his eyes though--wow those are some gorgeous browns he's got going on. ;)