Friday, August 22, 2008

Baskets and Crayons, What more could you want?

Tyler is so funny now, he does things so we'll laugh. It's amazing to me how early kids develop a sense of humor. Tyler loves to be inside of buckets or baskets or under blankets. He's learned how to say "boo" and jump out at us. It's very cute! I am proud to say that my 19 months of pulling shirts over his head and saying boo every time his little head popped out has finally paid off! So anyway, I bought some plastic bins to store some of my things in because of a mold/flooding problem in the basement (I won't get into it right now, but soon) and they were in the front room just waiting for a tiny person to climb in! So here is Tyler in all of glory with his bagel, keepin' it real (that one's for you Mike!) in the plastic tub. When he does something cute and he knows it's cute, he does his "cheese" face at me to ask me to take a picture! He also tipped the tub over and though that was hilarious!

So of course, Brooke has to get in on the action because she saw how much fun Tyler was having, and had to get in on the photo op too! She's just a little bigger though, and barely fit. I just had to laugh. Since Brooke stole the plastic tub, Tyler had to move on to bigger and better things, like...the laundry basket! He's so crazy!

Tyler is so busy now, it drives me crazy. I don't know about everyone else, but I forget for the most part, from kid to kid what they are doing at what age, so it's almost a surprise to me when they do new things. I got used to telling the older kids, we color at the table on paper and they just do it. It's been a long time since something was colored on around here. Until yesterday. Tyler went a little crazy with a black crayon he pulled out of our junk drawer and then kept pulling out of the garbage can because I kept throwing it away. HOW does one little boy and one black crayon travel so far so quickly? The fridge, a dining room chair, the silverware drawer...

the dining room table(these are just remnants because McKee cleaned it up), and the garbage can.

So, being the mean mommy that I am, I made him clean it up. He has to learn some time right?

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