Saturday, December 1, 2007

Teach By Example.....Yeah Right!!!

So, I hope you all know that we've been lied to all our lives. You've all heard the phrase "Teach by example." It implies that if we want our kids to be reverent, we need to be reverent. If we want our kids to have manners, we need to have manners. Well, this all sounds first glance (can your ears glance?), but it's all lies!

Yep, I said it's all lies!!! "Teach by example DOES NOT WORK!!!

Sure, there are those times when our children are young and we say "clap clap" and they do (nice work last night Tyler) or the times when we show them how to crawl and they take their first steps, but don't let this fool you. You did not teach by example, they just learned how to start getting in trouble. It starts with sitting up (ok, everyone say "how cuuuuute") then they take their first step (is it a "step" when you start to crawl?), and then next thing you know they are, make that RUNNING around the house and using their "clapping" techniques you taught them to hit their siblings. Yeah, it all sounds crazy, but you know it's true!!!

I think we got side tracked, but we still learned something. So, now back to why teaching by example does not work. I go to work early in the morning (earlier than you think) and therefore I'm tired a lot. Every chance I get I try to lay my head down and take a nap. Every chance my kids get they try to get out of taking a nap. Why is that? Here I am, their father, resting peacefully (you know with 4 kids there is no "peacefully" around dinner time) on the couch and setting the PERFECT example of being quite, motionless, and sleeping for my kids. Out of 4 kids, none of them have followed my example of taking as many naps as possible. So, think I'm crazy? Well, I am, but, just think about the other examples i give my kids. I get up at Butt:30am every morning (I'll give you a moment to comprehend how early Butt:30am is......Crystal, did you come up with that phrase?.....Ok, everyone with me again?)....I get up at Butt:30am every morning and go to work before the sun comes up. Now, let me tell you in my 80,000 years of being a parent not once, not ever, not even a single time have ANY of my 4 children woken up that early AND GONE TO WORK! Seriously, is it my example that sucks, or is it just the pure and true fact that teaching by example does not work? You be the judge (but you have to wear the funny black robe too)!!!

I get up early, I go to work, I take naps, and my kids STILL have not done any of that, or even jumped in and said "Daddy, Daddy, wait, wait.....I've seen you change 30 million diapers (Crystal has changed 40 million) and now, from that example I want to give it a try. Let me dad, please, pleaaaaaase!!!"

Well, there you have it. Teaching by example does not work. Typing all this really tired me out, I'm going to give napping by example another shot.......zzzzZZZzzzzz!!!


Crystal said...

Hi Mike, I thought I would post a comment for you, since you think no one posts to your entries! I love you!

MIKE said...

That doesn't count! but thanks for the effort, i'll keep ya!