Monday, December 3, 2007


I haven't posted in a while, and as I'm sitting down right now, I'm realizing there are a bunch of things I've been wanting to post. I decided recently that I'm not doing enough with the kids, and I really want them to have traditions and memories when they grow up. We have holiday traditions, those are the "easy" ones, but we don't have a lot of everyday things that are consistent enough for the kids to one day say "I want to do this with my kids someday." So I decided we would implement Family Movie Night. The kids love watching movies, and they watch movies often (although they don't think it's often enough), but I wanted all of us to sit down as a family and have some popcorn and watch movies together. So we've been doing this every week for about a month now, and I am loving it! I think the kids are really enjoying it too. It gives me an excuse to watch all the movies I loved when I was little, and I want my kids to see some of those movies too. I'm going to start a list on the side of my blog so I can keep track of what we're watching. Well, this last week, Friday night actually, Mike brought home some tickets to go to the Kodak Theatre on the Ridge to see Enchanted. I had seen the previews on TV and thought it looked cute, but going to the movies can get expensive, especially when you have 4 children. I planned on getting it from Redbox, at Wegmans, or checking it out at the library. I was excited for the chance to take the kids to the movies. The Kodak theatre is pretty cool. We sat up on the balcony level, and we ran into our neighbors, who also work at Kodak (it was a special showing for Kodak employees in the Digital Cinema department). When they opened the curtains to reveal the screen Brooke said "that's a really huge TV!" It was so cute. The boys were so excited. The movie enchanted was adorable! I will buy it on DVD when it comes out! It's worth seeing! It was funny too. My only beefs with it were, the witch was a little scary, but that was only for a few short scenes, Brooke was a little scared, but loved the rest of the movie, and there were a couple scenes that were not really appropriate for small kids, but it was humor and innuendo that children wouldn't understand anyway. For instance, there's a scene where the prince is knocking on doors trying to find the princess, and the first door opens with a woman holding a baby, and she has a couple children at her feet and he's all decked out in prince clothes, well, she looks at him and says "you're too late" and then closes the door. I thought that was hilarious! But a couple doors down a big biker dude in leather opens the door, spots the prince and starts making eyes at him. I just didn't think that a gay reference was necessary in a children's movie. Over all, it was great though. I think it's rated pg just because of the scary witch. I wish I had brought my camera to the theatre, it was beautiful in there, and the kids had fun. Oh, I almost forgot, at one point the prince has to kiss the princess to wake her up and Seth's comment was so funny. There's a cute chipmunk in the movie too, Seth said "Where's the chipmunk? He should kiss her!" McKee was yelling at the screen too as a dragon was falling "You're a dragon aren't you, can't you fly!" We had a great time!

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OH..that sounds sooo fun!!! I've heard that movie is really good...I want to see it!