Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More of my Family

I was looking at my blog and I realized that I never posted any pics of my neices or my nephew Carson. The are all so adorable, I love them, even though I can't be close to them. I wish we could all live closer together so the kids could grow up together, but you have to be where the jobs are (or where the jobs pretend to be). Carson and Brynlee visited for Thanksgiving. Rulon took some great pics of the kids.

Brynlee Carson and Brooke

Carson and Seth

We still haven't met Claire in person, and we haven't seen Gwen in a while, but they are getting cuter and cuter every time we get pics of them. Enjoy!

Claire-Bear Ballerina Gwen


Mary Ann Locke said...

Love the pictures! And you were right. I did get home safely!

Shantil said...

Claire is adorable! And Gwen is the cutest ballerina! I can see Katherine in both of them--and that is pretty neat! None of my three boys look all too much like me. But at least their Daddy is good lookin'!