Saturday, December 15, 2007

Harassed By Pizza!

Another awesome post by MIKE (Continue at your own risk)

I love a good pizza, but it was pizza that really got me to hate shoveling. See, no one likes shoveling....well, that's only true if you are not a kid. Kids for some reason love to shovel. It's one of those things that technically qualifies as cleaning that they are willing to do. Well, I hate shoveling. But, lets back up a month or two. My buddy who we'll call 1 Fish (name changed to protect Sean's identity) was elk hunting a few months ago and he decided to play superman and jump off the horse as it took off wildly. Well, about the time 1 Fish realized he couldn't fly, he hit the ground, probably rolled, and ended up breaking his arm in places he didn't knew he had. Well, that left 1 Fish with...well...1 Arm. So, now 1 Arm can't do much since he is down an arm (hopefully that will change someday.) So, how does this relate to pizza and shoveling? Well, have you ever tried eating a pizza with 1 arm? Wait, that's possible. Have you ever tried SHOVELING with 1 arm? So, I went to his house and shoveled his driveway. Still, not too keen on shoveling, but helping out where help was needed. Then, as I'm there minding my own business I get a wiff (hey, Firefox just put a red underline on "wiff" meaning it's spelled wrong....come on, that's a word....oh, it thinks there's an 'h' in it too)......i get a whiff of pizza. See, 1 Arm lives about...well...1 arms length from a pizza shop. So, imagine yourself being a good neighbor and shoveling and then being harassed by the smell of pizza. Maybe you are smart and think "Big freaking deal whiney pants MIKE! Just go buy a piece, or a whole (Guys, Flies &) Pie(S) and be done with it. Well, listen here Mr. or Mrs. Smartypants Reader!!! I think the same thing, reach into my pocket and realize I left my wallet at HOME!!! Needless to say I was ticked. So, I did what any concerned citizen would do. I picked up my cell phone and called 911 to report that I was being harassed... $400 in bail money later, I'm finally home and get to eat PB&J for dinner! Darn you pizza shop! I'll get my revenge!!!

Stay tuned! Crystal asked me to blog my opinion on how every job in the world is the same...and how everything in life is the same as that.


PandinaFamily said...

Crystal, it must be nice living with someone so animated! Mike's so funny! I've heared enough about bail money...that part isn't true, is it?

Crystal said...

he's just joking! i've never had to bail him out. i am definately laughing most of the time with him!