Friday, November 9, 2007


We were quite the party animals this year for Halloween. We started out with the Trunk or Treat at church on Sat, Oct 27th. We had a great time! The weather held out so the kids were able to trunk or treat outside.

Next, on Monday, Brooke dressed up for her dance class.

Tuesday was Brooke's class party at school,

and then Wednesday of course, was Halloween. Both of the boys had a party at school and then we went trick or treating that night. The weather was beautiful for us! I remember all those years as a kid when we had snow and our winter coats squeezed on over the top of our costumes! Here are some great pictures from the course of our events. The funniest thing to me about this whole holiday was Brooke. I have a bin of costumes and she decided to wear something different each time we dressed up! She's so funny. Halloween day she was a Buffalo Bills Cheerleader.
Tyler wasn't so thrilled about the whole getting dressed up thing. He wore Seth's turtle costume, and it was perfect for him because of the way he crawls. It was hilarious.
I bought the skeleton shirts for the boys at back to school time because they thought they were cool. So it made their costumes really easy to finish. I just sewed some felt bones to some black sweat pants and then painted their faces! They were pretty creepy, which is exactly what they were going for!

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Carol said...

Hi Crystal--not sure if you'll remember me or not. We were in the ward there in Rochester for just a couple years and then moved about 6 years ago. I've kept in touch with the Lockes (how I spotted your blog!) and the Janssons...anyway, all your kids are so cute (and McKee's SO big)! I have 4 now too, all boys (my blog is Good to "see" you!
Carol (& George) X