Friday, November 16, 2007

Milk, Eggs, and Soy...OH MY!

Well, it's been confirmed by an allergist that Tyler has some food allergies. We started to be cautious about a month ago when we tried to give Tyler some formula for the first time and he broke out in hives, and vomited, and had a little bit of diarrhea. We took him to the pediatrician to find out what he was allergic to so we wouldn't make him sicker. I am still nursing him, but it's nice to have something for a backup when I'm not home, and haven't had time to be hooked up to the milker machine. So, she sent him for a blood test, and it came back definately allergic to eggs, but the milk and soy were negative. I later found out that if you try to do an allergy test too soon after a reaction, the results can be false. So we took him on Wednesday to the allergist and they poked his poor little back with 6 different things and we watched for a reaction compared to the control they did. The egg flamed up almost instantly and got pretty bad, and he was trying to scratch himself and I felt so bad. The milk and soy were not as severe a reaction, but still, he had one. So until I'm done nursing him they told me to limit my intake of milk, soy, and eggs, and of course keep Tyler from having any of these foods also. If we avoid all of these things, he could quite possibly grow out of it. I don't know if anyone remembers, but Seth had a milk allergy until he was about 9months old, and now he's grown out of it just fine. So, eggs are in just about everything, so I'm on the search for some good egg-less recipes, especially for a cake for Tyler's first b-day in January. Any suggestions? Oh, the allergist said that "they" (i'm never quite sure who "they" are...but we all seem to care what "they" think) are recommending kids not have peanut butter or fish for 3 years. I new the peanut butter could be bad for little kids, but I didn't realize 2 year olds should avoid it. He said that the earlier you expose kids to foods, the more likely they are to have an allergic reaction. Scarey huh! Peanut butter is a huge staple in my house.

I was emailed this crazy story from 13wham news about an egg allergy. I hope we never have to deal with this.
This is poor Tyler after his first Big reaction. Poor Baby


The Loveridge Family said...

That's crazy..I didn't realize that Ty had allergies! That totally stinks, but hopefully he'll grow out of it. I have a friend who's kid has those allergies, so I'll ask her what she uses, I think she uses a lot of pumpkin instead of eggs for baking. I'll find out for sure.

PandinaFamily said...

Aw, look at his little face! Poor kid. As for that news's a good thing that boy didn't die.