Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yesterday was a GREAT Day!

We really had a great time yesterday, December 5th. The kids had off from school for parent/teacher conferences so it was nice and relaxed. We started our day with really fun movie "Enchanted." We watched it last year at the Theater on the Ridge Kodak movie theater as part of a special showing for employees only and Mike was able to score us tickets. It was so much fun and the kids loved it. I got it out from the library to enjoy again. They loved it again. (I love it too! The songs are really catchy!) After the movie the kids and I did our chores and cleaned up the front room and organized so we can set up our Christmas tree and decorate for the season. They are all so excited to get that going. I always intend to have it done the day after Thanksgiving, but I never do it. One of these years...anyway...I managed to get our star on the front window made out of a strand of white lights. The rest will hopefully be done today when McKee gets home from Damon's.

Another fun part of yesterday was Tyler's 23 month birthday! We sang a song to him at the breakfast table and he was grinning from ear to ear! When we tell Tyler to smile this is what he does...(that boy cracks me up.)

"Happy 23 month Birthday to you,
Happy 23 month Birthday to you,
Happy 23 month Birthday dear Tyler,
Happy 23 month Birthday to you."

At 23 months Tyler is 27 lbs, 33 1/2 inches tall, and the cutest little boy ever (I know I say that about all my kids, but I really mean it for each of them.) Tyler has a sense of humor that makes me laugh, and is all boy. He thinks it's hilarious of someone toots, and if he's talking and a burp comes out, that's one of the funniest things that could ever happen. He Loves McKee and Seth and copies just about everything they do, especially at the dinner table. He has discovered shooting and the sounds that go along with it. He was playing with a little squirt gun and "shooting" squirrels out the front window a couple days ago. He loves to fold his arms reverently and say prayers with us as a family. He loves to sing songs, his favorites are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Once there was a Snowman, and anything crazy that I might make up at the moment (I'll refer you back up to my Happy Birthday song). His vocal words are Mom, Mama, Dad, Dada, light, book, more, baba, no, mine, baby, bean, bell, ding, bike, hop, ball, me (there might be more, but I can't remember at the moment. He signs more, milk, please, and fish. Animal sounds, moo, baa, neigh, doodoo doo (cockadoodle doo), hop hop, (ribbit) ibit, oink, and will repeat just about any other sound I ask him to. He will also race the other kids to do something I might have asked them to do, for example, "Seth will you turn off the radio." Tyler "me, me" and he'll run and do it. Speaking of running, if you need to put his coat or shoes on or change his diaper, he runs the other way. One of the more annoying parts of the toddler stage, the big chase.

The other fun thing about yesterday was going to the Theater on the Ridge again (see above about last year) and watching the movie Bolt with the kids.

It was a really cute movie, the opening scene was a little scary, but once we were into it, it made sense. We had a blast. We sat on the 3rd floor up in the Balcony.
Brooke and McKee were a little funny about sitting up there, but once we were in the seats they didn't seem to mind so much. Tyler did pretty well sitting in the seat for about the first hour and then he got antsy, but everyone else sat fairly well. A couple fun facts...the gentlemen in front of us at the movie was a little germ-a-phobic. Tyler has a little cough, and TWICE last night he coughed and the guy in front of us pulled his shirt up over his nose and mouth and left it there for at least 2 minutes. The other crazy people were the couple who sat right in front of us with their teen aged kids, they saw that we had 4 children lined up along the row, and then decided to give us dirty looks when Tyler accidentally pulled her hair, and the funniest was seeing them plug their noses because Tyler decided to poop part way into the beginning of the movie, and oh boy did it smell bad. I think after some musical chairs Brooke ended up behind the woman and she may have kicked the back of her chair too. Hey, if you come to a children's movie, you have to expect that there are children there and then be patient with the ones that you sit in front of. That's my rant for the day. (Mike took Tyler out and changed him by the way, so we weren't sitting there with his stench.)

One more AWESOME part of yesterday. Gas fell below $2.00/gallon at the station near our house! $1.97!!!!!!!We stopped to fill up last night and it cost us $30.66. I didn't think I would see the day that we were below $2.00 again!

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