Thursday, December 18, 2008

The First Christmas

Brooke's preschool class had a play yesterday of the First Christmas. Brooke followed in Seth's footsteps as the Innkeeper. Here are a couple pictures.

Brooke in her costume

Twinkle, Twinkle God's Bright Star

Brooke's speaking part "There's no room in here, go live in the stable."

Brooke had some special spectators Nana and Fuzzy G and Bama Simmons

We didn't get a picture but Mommy, Daddy, and Tyler were there too. We took this picture when we got home by the Christmas Tree.

I have a video of the performance, but I think it might be too long to put on here, and I have to pull it off the video camera. We'll see how that goes, I make no promises.


The Truth said...

Awe, lil' angels!

Janet said...

Crystal, I take offense to what those background tags are calling me....It's just not true, I tell you!