Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesdays with Morey...

Wait, I've never read that book. This post is Mornings with McKee. We really enjoy ourselves at 6am in my house. Here's a little bit of the action.

After I walked away from the table McKee decided to play with a marble that he found this morning and make it into a rocket ship. So it's blasting around the table as his cheerios get soggy and then eventually thrown away in the sink. I lead a glamorous life! All I can do is wish a kid just like him on him. But that wouldn't be fair to his wife, since she's the one who has to deal with the kids more...I'll have to plot my revenge in a different way...(Wait, was that out loud?)


MIKE said...

For those faithful blog readers who think this is just an occasional thing, let me tell you it's not. At best, once a week he might behave in the's probably once every 2 or 3 weeks. McKee gets up and wastes cereal while I'm at work early every morning so I can buy him more cereal ... to waste.

Crystal said...

This is a mild morning too. There was a lack of whining here. But we still love him.