Friday, January 30, 2009

Please Pray for My Niece Claire

On the left is my beautiful niece Claire, on the right is Gwen her older sister.

Here is an email I just received from my sister-in-law Katherine.

Hi All,
If you're wondering what to fast for this sunday, feel free to fast for Claire. She hasn't been sick all winter, but now has pneumonia. She has had a fever on and off all week, and this morning was breathing shallow and her hands and mouth were grey. this afternoon she started rapid breathing. she's been sleeping all day today and not crying (which is not the claire-bear we all know and love!).
we've started her on antibiotics and hope it helps. because of her mito disease and pain issues all her life, there are only certain measures we're willing to take to prolong her life. currently we don't think it's necessary to take her to the hospital since she's not dehydrated and keeping her meds down.
anyway, any prayers and fasting on her behalf are greatly appreciated. times like these always remind me that as long as my beautiful baby will be with us, it probably won't be as long as we want.


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Claire Bear, I am praying for you now.

j peters said...

can i get Katherine's email address from you guys? I would love to send her a note and tell her we are thinking about her and her family.