Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog Giveaway

One of the blogs I stalk April Showers is having a giveaway. Here's your big chance to pretend you're going to win something, but the truth is I'm going to win! Good Luck!

Here are the prizes and rules to enter:
1. To ENTER the contest you need to make a post on your own personal blog telling all your friends about this giveaway.

2. You also need to comment on this post and tell me: a) Your birthday and b) Three New Year's resolutions.

Prizes: One winner will be chosen, and will receive...

1. A $25 gift certificate to Bath and Body Works!

2. For EVERY comment made on this post, I will add $1 to a mark. gift certificate. So if there are 10 comments, the gift certificate will be for $10. If there are 30 comments, the gift certificate will be for $30! And yes...even if there are 100 comments...Holy crap!!! Cool huh? But you can only comment once :D

1 comment:

Nobody You Know said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Why'd ya have to go live in NY? We could dump our old friends and be new ones.

Oh well...