Thursday, January 15, 2009

McKee's Chorus Concert

Last night McKee performed in 3 different choirs...a boys middle school choir, a mixed middle school choir, and then they combined with the high school mixed choir for a finale song. I'm proud of him, he did a great job. My in-laws attended and must have snuck in the back because I didn't see them. I actually didn't know they were there until late last night when I got a couple emails from Rulon with some pictures he took. Enjoy the photos.


The Loveridge Family said...

When did McKee get old enough to be in CHOIR?? The auditorium looks to grandious...but McKee still looks little up there. WAY TO GO MCKEE!!!

Janet said...

Marleah's is tonight, and every year my photos come out crappy! you're fortunate to have your dad-in-law!

oh, enjoy the office! I'm sad I'll miss it.