Friday, November 7, 2008

Some random thoughts on the election...

I am posting this here mainly for me, so the next time an election comes around I can remember my thoughts and feelings about what just went down.

1. no matter who the candidate is, they cannot live up to their promises. no one really knows what the president is facing every day, and I'm sure that he makes decisions we don't like because of the information that he has that we don't. i don't want to know those details either. I'm sure it's a matter of security. i wish that just once a real person would come out and make this seemingly obvious statement to America so they can realize not to count 100% of what these guys tell us.

2. No matter who wins/won we are still all Americans. that said, even if we don't like who won, we who participated in the vote can be proud that we did, and then be grown up enough to try to support our country. how bad does it look to the rest of the world when we are supposed to be a "world superpower" and we spend most of our time and effort and money on fighting the person we just picked to be in charge? way to go unity and strength in numbers. if we are to be a successful nation we need to try to support our president as much as we can, and then go through the proper channels to override his choices when they are really out of control. that's one of the blessings of the democratic system in which we live.

3. i am sick of the stupid campaign ads. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. sticks and stones...

4. i reserve the right to add to this list my other thoughts that i should have written down days ago and can't remember at the moment! :) (it's not even 7am yet, and I've been up since 5:30, my brain is not quite the superpower i would hope for)

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Carol said...

Good thoughts... By the way, "David S" would be my brother. If you enjoy his comments, you really should check out his blog (it's linked to mine as David: VvsP)--he definitely has his own sense of humor, which I find very funny. Thanks for your comment to me too by the way. I still feel the way I do about the election but felt like I should take the post down mainly because it involved the scriptures. I didn't want non-members especially to read that and get the wrong impression about LDS or the Book of Mormon. If my blog were private, that's one thing...but since I'm choosing to leave it open to the public...anyway. Thanks!