Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Big Boy?

Tyler found the little pacifier that he had when he was a baby. It's been a very long time since he used it, I think he was only months old...maybe 4 mos...the last time he had it in his mouth. Well he saw it on the desk, pointed to his mouth, said baby and picked it up, walked away and when he came back this is what I saw...
(notice Brooke's sparkley headband that has become his new necklace?)
A little bit later he came back into the kitchen and this is how he looked. So cute with the sunglasses and so much like a baby still. I cut his hair this morning and he was looking so old, so maybe he's showing me he's still my baby with the pacifier!
He's still walking around the house with it in his mouth, Brooke is playing with him calling him baby and when I tried to pull it out of his mouth, he had his teeth clenched around it. He's not giving it up! I'm sure it makes me an awful mother to not force it away from him, but I think it's kind of cute, and of course the novelty will wear off soon and it will disappear, never to be sucked again!

UPDATE: Just minutes after I finished my post here Tyler tried to tell me something and had to pull the pacifier out of his mouth to talk. Looked at it funny, put it back in his mouth, and then let me take it from him with no problem. I think he realized it's weird and didn't like not being able to talk to me. It was very funny to watch the realization come across him.


Janet said...

Hooray for Tyler! He is growing up- and making decisions. Now if only we could force our older kids to shut up with a binkie from time to time! (Oops, I said that out loud....)

The Loveridge Family said...

He totally looks younger in that second picture...what a cute kid!! Not too long before he's that possible???

Shantil said...

Yep, I have gone cold turkey taking the "bink," as we call it, at age one for each of my boys. It has worked out well. Nice job, Tyler!