Friday, October 24, 2008

I love funny signs...

I took McKee to the urologist today to check out his "man problems" as Mike puts it. While McKee and I were waiting for the elevator we looked down the hall and spotted this sign.I It would be hard for you to convince me that it was a coincidence!
On a more serious note...McKee has vericocele. Here is the simpleist explanation that I found. "Variceles do not generally clot and even if they do it's nothing dangerous. They also do not affect testosterone levels. But they may affect fertility. The exact reason isn't certain since usually it's only the left testicle that is affected. Varicoceles are caused by a failure of a small valve where the vein from the testicle (very low pressure) joins the left renal vein (moderate pressure). Without a valve there, some of the blood flow from the renal vein would tend to go into the testicle instead of where it's supposed to. This is what happens when the valve fails and that causes a backup and dilation of the veins in the testicle that we call a varicocele.

If there is no history of infertility and if the varicocele is not bothersome or actively enlarging, we don't usually treat it. Treatment is surgery. You may talk to your urologist about having a semen analysis to see if it's abnormal if that will affect your decision."

So being the concerned, paranoid mother that I am, I am convinced that McKee will not be able to have children and will have a hard time finding a wife that will want to marry him if he can't. Mike thinks I'm crazy, and I might agree a little bit...don't tell him that...and we shouldn't worry about it until he's an adult and we'll see what happens. I don't know that I will post any updates on the situation due to the nature of it, but I know that most who read this blog love McKee and maybe would pray for him.


Ken said...

Outta control!!!

(I love it.)

Ken said...

Poor McKee. Did you really have to mention him by name while talking about his, ahem, problems??!!

MIKE said...

uh....she means a different McKee.

Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

We want our kids to be so perfect (physically) and when something is considered abnormal we do tend to go "worse-case" with whatever it is. I totally understand your freak out. I would do the same thing. I hope things turn out well.

Bodell said...


We miss you too... I understand your concern about your boy, but don't let it consume you. You know life often throws us crazy stuff, and that's okay. It all works out. If there's nothing you can do to change it... it doesn't help to fret. I'm not always good at taking that advice myself, but I hear it enough from my husband so I thought I'd pass it to you. :) We love you and McKee and we'll keep you in our prayers!