Friday, October 10, 2008

Garage Sale 10/10 & 10/11

That's right, it's time to be enlightened by the digital words of MIKE. I apologize to all my followers who have been patiently waiting for another blog-o-doctrine on how to live a Mike-like life. Soon, I will give in and give you want you all want (need). Until then, let this post hold you over and slow down the salivating for more of my words.

Crystal is having a garage sale! Today from 10am until 6pm and tomorrow from 10am-5pm she will display proudly on our driveway (all the stuff we don't want anymore) stuff we've accumulated over the years. So, technically it's a driveway sale. See, even in a garage sale you can't technically buy the garage (although, if anyone wants to "buy" us repairs on our garage, we'll gladly let you so we can then finally open the door(s) and have a more traditional garage sale).

So, for all of you that have always dreamed of having a peak into the life of MIKE, this is your chance. You'll be able to come to my house, while I'm at work, and see all those things that Crystal will try to sneak out of the house and sell. Just let me make this one warning......if any of you see my parachute pants and zipper coat for sale, trust me, this was not authorized, and the purchaser will be in as much trouble as Crystal........."'Cause this is THRILLER.......THRILLER NIGHT!"

Go, shop, browse, buy, experience the love, the joy, the happiness (but stay away from my coat and pants!) And by all means, bring Crystal a donut or two (chocolate with white cream, not that pudding cream stuff)!!!


Ken said...

Mike used to have acid wash jeans and a nice mullet to listen to his Poison and Motley Crue by.

Good times.

MIKE said...

That's true bro. Weren't you're acid washed pants blue and mine were black? Remember the holes? Holes in pants were cool!

Either way, none of this explains why you didn't drive 8 hours to buy our junk! Punk!

Crystal said...

i just read this post this morning. now i know why harvey was laughing so hard at what you posted! you're so crazy!