Friday, March 28, 2008

Tyler's Eye...and nose

Tyler is so mobile now that we're having a hard time keeping him uninjured! We were finally putting away the table from Easter, Wednesday, and had it folded up and leaning against Mike's desk. Tyler is so curious, he wanted to play with it. Well, he managed to pull it down on top of himself, bumping his eye and scraping his cheek. Poor guy. Then on Thursday, he was lifting up a toy that we have and trying to put it on the chair so he could play with it, and managed to bump his nose. So his nose was bleeding slightly. Where was his mother you might ask? I was watching him, but sometimes stuff happens so fast, you just can't get up in time to catch him. Here is his poor little face, it was hard to get him to sit still long enough to take the picture. I have to say, he is really cute though!

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