Monday, March 3, 2008


We received a package from Lynette on Saturday containing some goodies for the kids. She made the boys matching ties, and the fun part is that Mike has one almost exactly the same, and some cute hair clips for Brooke. I could hardly wait until Sunday morning to dress the boys up, and do Brooke's hair. Here they are looking so handsome, and cute.


The Loveridge Family said... got them fast! I'm sooo glad you like them. The boys look so good and I can't believe that Mike has one almost exactly the same...awesome!

Family:whatitmeans said...

She is very talented. Your family looks great!

Ken and Roxie said...

Who's the big, big kid in the middle??

Crystal said...

that's my 5th child! you should see me try to change his diapers!!!lol