Monday, February 11, 2008

Tyler's Birthday

I never did blog about Tyler's first b-day, and now that it's Feb 11th and he's 13 months old, I'm finally remembering to do it. We had a great day. It started with us going in and waking him up so I could get the sleeping and then sleepy pictures on the big day. I know you're thinking I'm mean, but I waited until the time when he would normally wake up anyway. We spent the day getting ready to have some family over to eat some cake, and then we had the party. (I apologize for the very detailed description of the day! :) It's almost midnight, and for some reason I can't sleep, but I can't seem to remember details either.) After a yummy dinner of specialy selected foods, because of his allergies and restrictions, we had cake. I managed to find him a vegan chocolate cake recipe online. It actually came out pretty good. I was only able to taste a little bit because he sneezed on it while we were trying to convince him to eat it and get messy. I did however make a normal cake also for everyone else to eat, so we all still enjoyed some cake. He wasn't going for the whole messy thing. It took a lot of convincing to get him to really eat any. He wasn't too excited about the presents either. I thought he would love ripping off the paper, but that took some convincing too! He's a funny boy. His favorite gift of the night seemed to be the .93 ball that mommy and daddy got him. It was big hit! We also got him one of those toys that you walk behind to learn to walk, or it morphs into a sit on rider toy. He loves that now, but at first he just kind of looked at us like ok, now what! Enjoy the slides of my big boy!


MIKE said...

You were up partying last night while i was sleeping? I should have partied at 4am when i got to work to make up for it! Get some sleep mom!

For the record, i took the sneeze photo and i'm proud of it!

The Loveridge Family said...

Wow...he's so big!! It looks like you had a lot of fun on his birthday. I think the sleeping/sleepy pictures are kinda mean...but TOTALLY cute!!!!