Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok, so as I am starting this post it is only 9:17am. It has been quite a morning already with Tyler. He has figured out that it is so much fun to get into things. He's now at the stage where he moves right from one thing to another like it's nothing. Tyler has also discovered the word no, it sounds more like "na, na, na" in the cutest little voice ever, followed by "mama." Here are some of his adventures already this morning! I think it's going to be a long day! None of these pictures were staged in any way! This is all Tyler in his true habitat! (Except the dirty laundry on the floor, that was obviously added for effect. There is never any dirty laundry on my floors!)

He started the morning off so cute, with his blankie and bottle in his highchair...

Then he decided to bake me something yummy out of the ward cookbook! He is in love with the silicone oven mit I bought!

He's discovered standing on stools to reach things. I guess he thought he should turn on the oven so he could bake the yummy brownies...

He was so mad at me for taking away the stools.

Then he tried to "can" himself with my canning funnel, and he's sitting inside my pressure canner.

As I'm sitting here typing this he's walking around my legs, trying to grab the camera and play with the keyboard. Why is it that as soon as they can stand their reach is extended like 3 feet? Now he's in the tv room pushing the volume and channel buttons on the tv. I'm a pretty quick typist, and he's already over climbing the stairs. I wish I had 1/3 of his energy! What's in that special formula we feed him?

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