Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

So we set our thermostat at 70 in the winter because we have a really bad furnace and it doesn't heat the upstairs very well. So this morning when I woke up and noticed that we finally have inches of snow outside to go sledding I was really excited, until I felt how cold it was in the house. The other problem we have is that we don't have a flu cover, so if it's really windy outside, the pilot light blows out. Sure enough, it's out. So here is a picture of the thermostat this morning. 58 degrees!!!!!!! So I called Mike at work and he tried to walk me through lighting it again, (I've only done it a couple times, and I'm pretty nervous about playing with gas and flames, can you blame me?) I tried 3 times or was it 4? and nothing. I can't get it to light. I'm not even sure if I heard any gas being released. So Mike is on his way home now from work, I think. He is still a contract worker, and they just renewed his contract for another six months. During the time when they have to get all the paperwork situated, his pass doesn't work to get him into or out of the building. And on top of that, there is some online health certification course he has to take to get his thing renewed. So he's talking to his boss to figure out if they can get him out of the building to come home and then back into the building later. You might be thinking "take the kids somewhere warm until he gets home." That's a great idea! Except Mike took the van to work today, since he's only supposed to be there until noon, and I didn't have any plans this morning. So until his hopefully speedy and safe arrival, here we sit, bundled together on the couch. At least it's cozy! Here is a picture of our beautiful winter wonderland. I can never get a picture that captures the moment, but I love the snow covered neighborhood!


The Loveridge Family said...

BUrrrrr...i'm cold just reading about it!

Mary Ann Locke said...

Are you warm yet???

MIKE said...

Yes...we're warm!