Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Brooke is 3 years old! Wow, I'm convinced that the more children you have the faster the time flies by.

I still remember being in the hospital with her.

Here she is at 4 months old, she's always been a little princess. Look how cute she was!
She's so big now. She had a great day yesterday! My favorite line of the day was from the many times that Brooke asked me "I'm still 3?" It was so cute! Now if we can only convince her to say "I don't need to use diapers anymore..."

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The Loveridge Family said...

I was wondering yesterday how little Brooke was enjoying her day...it looks like she had a great day! She definitely is a little princess. I can't believe she is 3!! Good luck with potty-training :)