Thursday, December 10, 2009


We ventured out last night in the weird sleety weather to visit Jolly St. Nick. The kids were so excited, including Tyler. We went at the perfect time 5pm and there were about 3 families in line ahead of us. The kids were able to talk to Santa each by themselves and then we took a group shot! Santa was great with the kids. He even told Seth and McKee (who asked for pricey gifts) that alot of children were asking for that this year so he couldn't make them any promises. That got my thumbs up!
The kids were anxiously waiting in line and spotted him through all of the pretty decorations.

We followed that fun event with going to Bama and Bampa Simmons' house to get some fun Christmas photos. It was the least painful experience we've had yet with pictures with the kids! I'm not going to post those yet though because one of those is going on our Christmas card. Enjoy the cuteness that is my children!

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Alison said...

Ahhh, we were having dinner in the food court, then getting our family pix done at JCP...wish we could have seen you!