Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card

If you didn't get one in the mail already, I'm sorry. I probably lost your address. I tried to recover the ones I could. Leave a message or send me an email with your address so I can add you to my list for next year! I would love to send you one!

Merry Christmas.


Alison said...

thank you for ours in the mail...I love how you symbolized the new baby...very cute!

Crystal said...

could you tell it was my belly with a Santa hat? I thought it was a a cute idea too! Thanks! Have a merry Christmas!

Bodell said...

Yeah... number five on the way! I am itchin' for a number four, but I have to wait a bit. Our car is at maximum capacity. Yes, still sharing that one car. Aaron got a job teaching high school graphics so we are buying a house, once the house closes we can buy my minivan. Then you can guess what happens after that! ;)
Your family is so cute! I imagine Brooke is just full of it. She is adorable. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! We would love to see you sometime!