Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today Brooke is 5 years old! I can't believe it. I've been super emotional all week and couldn't figure out why, but I think there's just something that tugs at your heart strings when your only baby girl is growing up. Here are some pictures from her last 5 birthdays.
Brooke's final moments in utero! This was just minutes before they came in and broke my water!It's my birthday! Mommy, Daddy and Brooke just hours old.
I'm ONE!
2 Years old!
I'm "free" (3)!
4 years old!
I'm 5 and I'm the birthday princess!

Brooke's favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite animal is the elephant. She loves to dance and play with balloons. Brooke is the sweetest big sister, most of the time. She likes to help Tyler use the potty and change diapers. Brooke is so gentle with babies and loves to see pregnant women. Her face lights up every time she thinks someone has a baby in her belly. Brooke's dreams are to grow up and be a missionary and get married in the Temple and be a kid dentist! She has started to read and does a great job with writing and math. She loves to learn. I'm so proud of my baby girl. I love you Brooke.


Janet said...

can't believe she's 5!!! Are you sure?? Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Roxie said...

I love all of her birthday pictures! Those were really fun to see. She is so sweet and cute. I always tell Ken she looks just like a little angel. Happy Birthday, Brooke!