Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who doesn't LOVE the George?

For Christmas 2002 my sis-in-law Lynette got us our first George Foreman grill. You never forget your first...tearing up...fling fling... At the time, our family consisted of the 4 of us...Mike, Crystal, McKee and Seth. It was perfect and we have loved you long time...oops, wrong hem. Back to the grill. We loved the ease and clean up of the grill and the fat dripping off the food. As you can see from the double chin, we needed the fat dripping off feature!
But look how tiny Seth was, it was his first Christmas!

So...over the years our family has grown.
We are now in need of a bigger grill. My Mom a couple years ago bought us a Hamilton Beach counter top grill which we've enjoyed, but it's not the same as our George Foreman grill. The bonus of the new grill was that the plates come out and can go in the dishwasher.
HUGE BONUS! But, it's still not quite big enough.

The only problem's not the George we had come to love and depend on. Hey, how could you not rely on a product named after a man and his 80 sons? So for the last couple years I've been in search of the right counter top grill. George now has many different models, and the one I finally fell in love with is this one...

I found this one on sale on-line for $79.97. After putting in coupon code bb I received $10.00 off and after tax and shipping my total was $88.06. Cha Ching! I'm so excited because this grill in Target was $119.00 before tax, so I got a great deal! If you want one, I would recommend going to this site, I just ordered it this morning and it's already been shipped (I received the email.) The other awesome deal with buying it here was that it came with bonus plates. So not just the waffle plate, grill plates, griddle, and baking plate... it came with OMELET PLATES!
I'm thrilled because one of the main reason I wanted this was because of the waffle plates. We have a waffle iron that only makes 2 small waffles at once, this one is much bigger and used in conjunction will make waffle time much faster. I would have loved the red one, but the only one it showed on the website was silver, and that's not too bad I guess. I can't justify $40 for a color.

That concludes this infomercial...but wait there's more...for only 25 easy monthly payments of not $79, not $59, not even $39...we will also throw in the added bonus...(I love infomercials)


MIKE said...

How coincidental, my hot wife just bought the same one!

Not only does George have 80 kids, but they are all named George....poor girls.

I can't wait to get the George and give it a test run, we should make some cheese burgers....hey, it drips the fat off, so it's healthy!

Summer Johnson said...

I can't wait for you to come over some morning and make us all omelets! That is a way cool feature.