Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm a Big Boy!

Tyler wants so badly to be able to do the things that the other kids do. I caught him helping himself to some lunch recently. The older kids love to eat warm tortillas with butter melted on them. I used to eat them when I was a kid after my mom made homemade tortillas. They are delicious. Well, with Tyler's allergies, we don't use real butter much, we use the Wegmans tub'o'love spread. Tyler wanted butter on his tortilla, he didn't care that it had chicken on the inside already! That little boy is very coordinated for his young age to be able to work a butter knife like that!

Ok, you pulled another story out of me...About 3 weeks ago we were at my friend Rebecca's house for a picnic after she had her baby christened, and Tyler grabbed a plastic fork and was handed a mini-straw, one of those coffee stir sticks. He was able to put the straw on one of the pokey things on the fork. I thought that was pretty impressive for an 18 month old to have that eye hand coordination and the fine motor skills to go along with it!


The Despain Gang said...

How funny!

Janet said...

I just found some pics of seth- I'll bring them to church for you. Wow the similarities of seth and tyler!!!