Monday, September 8, 2008

Goodbye to Good Friends

Our good friends the Burnett family are moving tomorrow. I'm so sad that they are going. They moved her so Matt could go to medical school 5 or 6 years ago. We have had some fun times with them. One of my favorite memories is their New Year's Eve party when we played MadGab. Matt is the MadGab king. If you've never played that game, you should. Anyway. Matt has been sick for some time now with cancer, and gone through a liver transplant. They really have struggled, I don't know how Christine does it, she's been so amazing. All of their families live on the other side of the country and that has to be hard. They have decided that it's time for them to move home. I knew they would move someday when Matt was done with school, but there was the chance that he would do his residency here, so I've been hopeful. They really do need to be by their families now. It's been so hard for everyone here who loves them to see Matt get sicker, we really feel for them. I know I've cried many times for them, and I hope that each time I do, maybe a little bit of the hurt will be taken away from Christine, Matt and the kids. Benjamin, Joshua, Anna, and Maria are precious kids. We've always enjoyed having them over to play with my kids. I am amazed how much food her kids eat! They out eat my children hands down! Anna and Brooke are so cute together, most of the time! They argue and fight just like they were sisters, but I know they enjoy playing. I have some really cute pictures of them together over the years. They are only months apart. I remember driving home with Christine from a Relief Society activity and telling each other we were pregnant. The girls are now 4 yrs old. That was a long time ago.

Here is a photo of the girls in all of their girly glory.
Brooke has matured a lot with her emotions. Yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting Brooke heard Matt and Christine bear their testimonies and heard that they were moving. She looked at me with panic on her face and asked if Anna was going too. I said yes, she can't stay here without her family because she'll be sad. Brooke started to cry and then asked me if she will still come to church when she moves far away. When I told her no because it's too far away she looked at me and said "but Anna is my best friend." She was so heartbroken I couldn't help but start crying. I've only seen her cry like this once before when there was a stray cat hanging around and the animal control came and got it. She truly was hurting. She asked me why she was moving and I explained that Anna's daddy is sick. (Our kids have known that he's sick because we've prayed for them as a family.) I told her that Anna's daddy wants to be by his family because it might help him feel a little better. What really broke my heart was when she asked me "Can Anna move back here when her daddy feels better?" I couldn't talk, the tears were just streaming and I was hurting inside for her and for myself and for Christine and her family. I couldn't explain to her that Anna's daddy isn't going to get better. She's just too little for that. She cried for the rest of the Sacrament meeting and into Primary a little bit. She didn't want me to leave her side. I'm so sad for her. It's hard to lose a friend. I can only hope that someday when they are grown they will meet at college or some activity and remember, probably with some help from Christine and I, that they were such good friends. They are moving TOMORROW, so I decided to have the girls get together and play for one last time. We really will miss this family, and I hope to be able to visit them sometime in the future.


Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

Isn't it amazing that little kids so easily express their love for those people around them that they treasure. If only we as adults were able to do this as easily. What a sweet girl! It is so hard to have loved ones move away. Hope that you can visit them before little Brooke forgets her friend (she may not--I still remember my best friend from 1st grade that moved!).

Erin said...

i didn't know they were already moving!!! do you have an address for them? so sad!!!!