Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He Shoots and He Scores!!!!!

McKee scored his first ever goal tonight in soccer! We are so excited for him! He's really been playing very well this year. This is his 7th season playing soccer, he's been playing since he was really little, and up until this year he really wasn't in the game. He's been awesome this year, watching the ball, staying with it, making attempts on goal. Tonight it paid off, he scored! Damon has been promising him ice cream for a couple years if he scores. He was very nice to treat all of us to ice cream to celebrate McKee's goal! Tyler got to have some lemon ice in a baby cone and was so excited! Great Job McKee! We're so proud of you!


The Loveridge Family said...

Go McKee...that is awesome!!! Keep it up!!! ....and that icecream looks really yummy too!

Sher said...

thanks for the compliment. i think we as women should do what we want with our hair that makes us feel our best! we don't tell our men what to do with their hair/facial hair!!!! my husband likes my hair short he just wanted to see it longer for fun, oh well! lol.
i luv ice cream! summer is the excuse to indulge! hope you're all doin great!

Roxie said...

Congrats, McKee! That is so awesome! My siblings played soccer too, so we know how exciting that first goal is!