Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Green Day

Not the band...For the month of October at Brooke's preschool the kids are asked to wear a different color each day and they learn about that color and the letter of the alphabet that starts it off. So today is green day. Well, Brooke likes to tell me how she wants her hair done and since it was green day, we found the green pony tail holders. There were 6 of them, and she wanted "lots of ponytails." So I gave her what she wanted, and then she found 2 pink ones that matched her shoes (she cracks me up with this girlie stuff) and wanted those too. So here is what we came up with today for green day with lots of ponytails!


Crafts for Claire said...

I love Brooke's hair...how fun! I'm glad you're back blogging :)

PandinaFamily said...

Her smile is so contagious! Nice job on her ponytails.