Friday, August 24, 2007


Yesterday we went bowling with the kids. We got a coupon for free games in the mail and I thought they would love it! I was right. They had a blast. It was a special treat because we got to eat there too when we were done bowling. Brooke managed to get her little 6lb ball all the way down the lane except for one time. We had to call the guy over to get it back. I bowled my best game ever a 157 (we won't mention the bumpers were up). McKee and Seth did great! McKee even got a strike! They were asking when we get to go again. As part of their summer promotion they have scratch off tickets with free bowling games that they give out to everyone that bowls. We won a bunch more free games, so we'll have to go back again. We had a fun outing with the family. I needed it because I'm starting to hyperventilate about back to school and leaving my babies! More on that craziness later... Here are some great pics from bowling.


PandinaFamily said...

Are you going back to school or do you mean when the kids start for the year?

Simmons/Shellhammer Family said...

when the kids are going back to school. this fall mckee will be in 5th grade, seth is starting kindergarden, and brooke is starting preschool 2 days a week. and on top of all that my brother is moving out of our house, so i'm being abandoned! :)

The Loveridge Family said...

I bet you'll love your time to yourself again...well with one and a half kids. Just think of all the scrapbooking/sewing you can do. It sure looked like you had a fun time bowling!